At Jubilee Energy, we are able to offer a multitude of affiliated services in the power generation market. From servicing your equipment to assisting with building works, we can provide a full range of services.

A Service contract will ensure that your generator is looked after and 100% reliable for that exact moment it is needed. We can also fully maintain your equipment so that it performs as well as the first day you bought it. Talk to us about our Load Banking service...

Remote support & diagnostics

Allows a Jubilee Factory trained technician to remotely assist you in diagnosing the issues through the Deep Software.  Software changes can be made and settings altered. 


Over time, minor and major repairs may be needed. We can get your generator up and running adding years to its life. We can also upgrade your equipment with a multitude of options...


Talk to us if you need any fabrication done. With a fully stocked workshop, we can assist with all your fabrication needs...