domestic power solutions for residential customers
One of our most important jobs here at Jubilee Energy is helping our customers to protect their homes and families. All of us have experienced a power outage at one time or another, usually as a result of some wild weather, in most cases the power comes back within an hour or two and it’s nothing more than a mild inconvenience, but sometimes our customers aren’t so lucky. Remember the Brisbane floods?

After extreme weather power can sometimes be lost for days at a time causing food spoilage, communication difficulties and sometimes even putting people’s lives at risk. If you have a family member with a medical condition, a home business that you can’t afford to neglect, or even just a freezer full of steaks you don’t want to go to waste, a domestic generator can be a great way to protect your family from the effects of a long-term power outage. 

A home standby generator is a backup power supply that will detect power outages and automatically switch on within seconds to supply temporary power to your home, ensuring the continuity of your power service.
Did you know we hire? Jubilee Energy has an extensive range of generator and ancillary equipment available. We can take care of everything from cables, distribution boards, fuel tanks and fuel refilling.

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Jubilee Energy offers affordable financing solutions to help with your back-up generators and emergency power needs. For advice & further information, contact our team today 1300 582 674.

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Case Studies
This experience helps us to build each and every one of our products to the highest standard of quality. This high quality means that our machinery has extremely long life spans. - Case Study Example 1

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